An Expected End.

30th APRIL 2020

Christ for Youth International

God’s plans for us are good. When God thinks about you, He is thinking good thoughts towards you. Unlike men, God does not think evil for us as His people. His thoughts are thoughts of peace and love. This speaks about our welfare, health and prosperity. God is a good God, therefore everything He created, He did for good and that certainly includes you and I. We were created with great intention to show forth the goodness and glory of God.

God not only has good thoughts or plans for us, He has the plan sorted out. He plans to bring us to an expected end. God is not trying out something with our lives. He is not gambling with our lives. He knows where exactly He is leading us to. A great future lies ahead of us. We must always have in mind that we were created on purpose for a purpose. We don’t exist by accident. God has a unique plan and purpose for every single one of us.

There will be low times in our lives. Trials may come our way. There might be sad times. There will be times we may feel like giving up. There will be times we might feel God is not with us and we are all alone. But through all these moments, we must know that God is bringing us to an expected end.

We must not fear what may come our way. No matter the opposition we face in life, a great future lies ahead of us.

Our lives will not end suddenly or by accident. There is a plan which God is working at. God’s plans and purpose for our lives are not limited by the circumstances we face neither are they dependent on the socio-economic climate of the world at large. The Holy Spirit comes to live in us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour so we can live out what God has for us. Our end will be the Glory of the Lord.

If He has said He has good plans for us, plans to give us a future and a hope, then we need to trust and submit fully to His perfect will for our lives and stop trying to lead our own lives. We must follow the Lord and trust Him with our lives because He has a better purpose for our lives. He will do with our lives something great that we cannot do for ourselves and on our own. Once we are following the Lord, we are sure to arrive at an expected end.

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91

Bible In One Year: Esther [Chapters 7–10]



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