Ask for Wisdom

9th JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

We would be successful in this life to the degree that we walk in wisdom. Wisdom is what makes us reign in life. We can solve problems and be a blessing to others if we walk in wisdom. God is the source of wisdom. When we look at all that God has created, we see His wisdom at work. Since we are also God’s children, our lives must also reflect His wisdom. We are His workmanship and so our entire lives must be marked by His kind of wisdom.

We cannot claim to be truly wise and act foolishly. Our character should tell of His wisdom (James 3:13). God is not only the source of wisdom but He is the giver of wisdom (Proverbs 2:6). From our opening scripture, we are being encouraged to ask God for wisdom. This is something we need to pray about often. We cannot do without the wisdom of God and so we need to constantly ask Him for wisdom every step of the way. We must never get to the point where we think we are so experienced in life that we stop asking and depending on God’s wisdom.

The beautiful thing is that; God is ready to give us wisdom once we ask Him for it. We must come boldly to our Father who is generous and also willing to give. If you lack wisdom in any area of your life, ensure you go to the One who can give you true wisdom. When faced with seemingly impossible situations, do well to ask God for wisdom. We can easily be tempted to look to friends in difficult times but our cardinal point of call when we require wisdom should always be God.

When Solomon was faced with the tremendous task of leading God’s people, He asked God for a discerning heart (wisdom) for this endeavor and God gave it to him. God’s Word encourages us to ask and it shall be given to us (Matthew 7:7). What difficult task lies ahead of you? What situation are you battling with currently? Have you asked God for wisdom? Wisdom from God is just a prayer away from you. Talk to God!

Further Reading: Proverbs 2:6, Matthew 7:7, James 13:3, 1Kings 3

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [10–13]

Christ for Youth International



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