Battlefield of the Mind [Part 2]

5th NOVEMBER 2020

Christ for Youth International

Every one of us has struggled with negative thoughts at various points in our lives. Carnal desires are constantly warring with the desires of the Spirit in our minds. To add salt to injury, the devil continually builds strongholds using materials from our trauma, our fears and our insecurities. How do we reconcile this negative thought life, with a life of Victory in Christ?

Although many of us are familiar with the lyrics, how many are familiar with the experience of smiling at the storm? Many times, we assume that when hard times hit, we will be unshaken, but the truth of the matter is that unless we daily practise the habit of keeping our minds stayed on God, we will be shaken.

Without learning to reflexively trust God in every small thing, we would undoubtedly struggle when the big waves hit us. Using a dull axe requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed [Ecclesiastes 10:10]. This verse throws more light on why preparation is so essential to success. Though you are born again, your mind needs to undergo a process of unlearning its carnal ways and learning the ways of the Spirit.

If you do not begin now, when the slightest wave rocks your boat, you will find yourself scrambling. Yes! God has promised us perfect peace, and it is yours for the taking.

That said, how can you reach for it, lay hold of it and make use of it if you do not keep your mind focused on God who grants you this peace?

If you disconnect from the source, where will your victory come from?

Further Readings: 2Tim 2:25–26 & Romans 4:18–21

Bible In One Year: Revelation [22] & Gen [1–3]



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