Become Truly Wise

4th JUNE 2022

Christ for Youth International

Do not ·fool [deceive] yourselves. If you think you are wise in this ·world [age], you should become a fool so that you can become truly wise, because the wisdom of this world is ·foolishness [folly] with God. [For] It is written in the Scriptures, “He catches those who are wise in their own ·clever traps [craftiness; cunning]” 1 Corinthians 3:18–19 EXB

The Bible repeatedly reminds us that the Kingdom of God is not like the world we live in. There are so many distinctions between the two. So much so that they appear to disagree on almost every subject.

Today’s verse is a classic example. In this age, we are cautioned not to think of ourselves as wise. According to Biblical standards, the formula for wisdom is to become a fool in the eyes of the world! It’s no surprise that God’s kingdom is often referred to as the upside-down kingdom.

How does being foolish help you become wise? Well, if you’ve been following Christian principles and doctrines, you can see how the world will regard the things described as wise, as foolish. Turning the other cheek when someone offends or upsets you, for example, appears absurd. The world’s reaction to such a situation is to defend oneself, to retaliate.

However, we see God’s wisdom at work here. When we turn the other cheek, we give the person who has offended us the opportunity to experience mercy, forgiveness, and a different culture. We basically show the person how God runs things. Another wise thing that happens is that we take a step back and let God judge on our behalf.

You may now feel silly for following this and many other principles. The entire world will mock you. It might not be pleasant. You will feel and appear foolish… Know that by becoming the fool in the eyes of the world, you are made wise.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for teaching me not to live by the standards of the world. Help me to follow Your instructions in all aspects of my life, even if it makes me appear foolish to the rest of the world, Amen.

Further Reading: Romans 12:16

Bible In One Year: Psalms [69–72]

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