Breath for Praise

22nd AUGUST 2020

Christ for Youth International

There is an obligation, a divine one for that matter, on every human being to praise the Lord. It is interesting to know that, breath as used in the above scripture also refers to the “spirit of man” and, praise, as used in the scripture, refers to “flashing forth light” or “to make a show”.

We ought to praise God not based only on things He has visibly done for us. The basis or foundation for us to offer praise to the Lord is found in who we are - ‘spirit of man’. The question to you is, “Do you have the spirit man?” If your answer is “yes” as we hope it is, then you have a responsibility to praise the Lord.

With the understanding we have at this point, our opening scripture can be rendered as “Let everything that has the spirit of man, flash forth the light of the Lord!” or “Let everything that has the spirit of man, make a show worthy of the Lord!”

We are made for the praise of the Lord.

In everything and at all times, the praise of the Lord must be evident in our lives. This means we ought to offer praise to the Lord regardless of the season of life we find ourselves in. We are spirit beings created to praise or for the praise of God (the creator). Let us not forget this reality in our lives.

Further Readings: Psalms 145:10, Rev 5:13

Bible In One Year: Obadiah [1] & Jonah [1–3]

La Famille — Love On The Vine



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