Call on Jesus

12th FEBRUARY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Do you not find it interesting and intriguing when you read scriptures like our opening verse for today? Consider what God is saying when He says “every one without exception” shall be saved when they call on His name. The liar, the pastor, the thief, the minister, the prostitute, the chaste, the prideful and the humble are all put in the same category.

The question that begs asking then is, what does He mean when he says “calls on the name of the Lord?” I am sure we may know people who have called out (audibly mention) the name of the Lord and did not find the salvation they were looking for. What then was the problem?

Well, Romans 10:12 tells us that “So then faith eliminates the distinction between Jew and non-Jew, for he is the same Lord Jehovah for all people. And he has enough treasures to lavish generously upon all who call on him.” So what eliminates the segregation of believers and unbelievers, and makes it possible for anyone who calls on the name of the Lord to be saved? Faith! Yes, believe in the Lord Jesus and the gospel of His resurrection that you may be saved.

It will be good to know that ‘calls on’ as used in the verse means, by implication, to invoke for aid; worship, testimony or decision. You cannot invoke something you do not believe in. Children call on their parents always. Even after several warnings, deliberately or otherwise, children may do the very thing they were told not to and end up injured or hurt in a way. But guess what, the child will cry out “mama!” calling on the one who can save. Also, ‘be saved’ as used in there means to deliver or protect, heal, preserve, do well and to be made whole. All human beings are helpless without God. That is why we need saving.

Salvation could be yours today. Will you believe? Will you have faith in the saviour and reach out to Him even as He is knocking on the door of your heart? Call on the name of Jesus today, He is more than mighty to save. Out of the abundance of His love towards you, He gave Himself up on the cross. He did this so that nothing will ever have the power to separate you from Him.

Further Reading: Joel 2:32 / Acts 2:21

Bible In One Year: Leviticus [11–14]

Christ for Youth International



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