Captives in Christ’s Victory

30th NOVEMBER 2022

Christ for Youth International

Christ came to set us free in order to give us freedom. God’s desire is for us to walk in triumph on a daily basis, regardless of the season of our lives. He always desires to lead us triumphantly. That is why God sent us the Holy Spirit: so that we might walk in victory. However, when it comes to enjoying the victory that is in Christ Jesus, the enemy keeps opposing us.

Victory must become a way of life for us, not a one-time event. God, in His wisdom, has equipped us with everything we need to win.

If we want to enjoy the victory that is in Christ Jesus, we must walk in fellowship with other believers. There are wars we cannot fight alone, but only with the assistance of the family God has given us. The enemy targets persons who are alone or have no family support. Staying linked to a family and living life with them is essential for walking in victory. According to Ecclesiastes 4:9–10, “two are better than one.” You will be stronger if you have family members who are praying for you and encouraging you. Fellowship with other members of the family is intentional. It extends beyond a weekly gathering of believers. It is staying connected to the family that God has given you on a daily basis.

A daily life of surrender to Jesus’ Lordship is another element of walking in victory. According to 2 Corinthians 3:17, where the Spirit of the Lord resides, there is liberty. We walk in victory once we commit to Jesus. Having the Bible as the ultimate authority in your life is a constant sign of surrender to Jesus. If you have devoted yourself to Jesus, the Word of God must have the final say in your life. The more we know the Word, the more we surrender to what the Lord says in it.

Finally, if we are to walk in victory, we must be persistent in our prayers. Prayer has the power to prevent many things from happening. Through prayer, we oppose the devil’s work in our lives and the lives of our families. Every man of faith is a prayer warrior. When you spend time praying every day, it shows that you have faith. We must not just pray when we are in distress, but we must also pray on a daily basis. The person who learns to stay in prayer will always walk in victory.

Further Reading: 1 Thess3:9 / 2 Cor 2:15–16

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91



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