Christ, the Source.

8th SEPTEMBER 2022

Christ for Youth International

The believer’s need for the Holy Spirit cannot be over-emphasised. We can literally do nothing of significance without Him. He is the source of all the enablement and abilities we require to execute every task the Father has demanded of us. Thus, the Holy Spirit is not the reserve of people who operate in the five-fold ministry. Everyone called by the Father for a purpose is anointed.

Ever wonder why Jesus said He could do nothing apart from what He saw the Father doing? How is it that the very same person in whom the fullness of the God-head desired to dwell, was, not incapable, but yielded to the Holy Spirit? Well, He knew that he was in a relationship, and His actions were products of that relationship and not vice versa. That is why He could wait to resurrect a dead friend, rather than healing him when he was sick.

From our text from today, Jesus tells us that He is our source and apart from Him, we are powerless. This means that Jesus, who is the embodiment of the anointing, gives us access to the same Spirit He carries. This is how we are all anointed when we are plugged into Jesus. Do you see why any person outside of Christ cannot claim to be anointed by God?

Stay anointed, don’t lose your power and fruitfulness. Make sure you don’t just know Christ, but you are indeed planted in Him and stay planted.

Further Reading: John 5:19

Bible In One Year: Zechariah [2–5]

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