Communicating Our Hearts to God

23rd JUNE, 2021

Christ for Youth International

There is nothing strange or particularly difficult about ranting at your best friend, or explaining financial needs to your parents, or discussing your dreams, goals and aspirations with your loved ones. Why is that? Because there is an existing relationship that forms a foundation on which we can build.

When explaining a concept to someone who already has some base knowledge of it, you do not struggle like you would when discussing a private topic with someone who has no knowledge in that field. Communication is difficult when there is no common ground to build on. In our verse for today, we see God showing us this principle.

Often the verse for today is interpreted as a free meal ticket. But on closer observation, you see that there is a clause to asking for anything and everything from God. The first clause is to ‘remain in Him.’ This includes and is not limited to reading your bible and praying. Keeping in constant communication with Him. In other words, establishing and maintaining a relationship.

The second is that ‘His word remains in us.’ This is exemplified when we live our lives according to His command. Once these two clauses are satisfied we come to a place of alignment with God such that His will is reflected in our will. Then whatever we ask for in prayer shall be granted unto us. Because whatever we ask for will be according to His will! Communicating the desires of our heart to Him will not seem like a feat that you must overcome. Why? Because your desires will be His desires! And we have every assurance that His will come to pass.

Further Reading: Jeremiah 15:16

Bible In One Year: Psalms [147–150]

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