Do not Follow Them

16th APRIL 2022

Christ for Youth International

Proverbs 1:8 depicts a son being advised to appreciate and heed his father’s and mother’s instructions and teachings, respectively. This is possible because the son is still at home and hasn’t deserted the home. For one to be enticed away from the wisdom of his/her parents, he/she must be lured away from “home.” That is why the adversary appears to entice.

To entice means to open or create space for a person to act in a way he or she would not have otherwise, by promising some form of pleasure or advantage. It is usually simple to entice someone who is not firmly rooted in any principles or virtues. As believers, if we abide in Christ and His Word, we will not succumb to the enemy’s enticement. We must be content with Christ as our ultimate pleasure and advantage in this life.

When negative peer pressure forces you to follow the crowd and sinners invite you to join in, simply say, “No!” Yes, you must refuse to accompany them and keep as far away from them as possible. Make no space in your heart for their enticement to be appealing to you. You must understand that the promise of pleasure or advantage by sinners only leads to destruction. Do not take any chances with them; being aware of their ways is the best way to escape.

How can we tell if we are being tempted by sinners? One way we can tell is when we notice ourselves drifting away from our parents’ instructions and teachings. Another sign of this is when we are asked to disobey God’s will through our actions. Let us not agree to abandon either our parents’ wisdom or God’s statutes. When we follow this wisdom, we are safe and our lives are preserved.

Further Reading: Romans 16:18

Bible In One Year: 1 Chronicles [13–16]

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