Dwell in the Light

29th JANUARY 2023

Christ for Youth International

In these verses, we see the contrast between those who claim to be in the light but engage in harmful behaviour towards others and those who truly dwell in the light through their love for their brothers and sisters. The scripture is clear that those who engage in harmful behaviour towards others are still in darkness, despite their claims to the contrary. It teaches us that love is the key to dwelling in the light. When we love our brothers and sisters, we are free from causing offence or harm to others. Love allows us to see the essence of God in those around us and to treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

We are called to be in the light, which is a symbol of God’s presence and love, and not in the darkness, which is a symbol of sin and separation from God.

It is important to remember that love is fundamentally an action-driven virtue. We cannot just say, with words, that we love our brothers and sisters while there is no corresponding action. To truly love our brothers and sisters, we must be willing to put their needs and well-being above our own. This means being willing to forgive and to seek forgiveness when necessary, to offer help and support when someone is in need, and to stand up against unrighteousness.

In the same way, we should always be mindful of our actions and words, and strive to be a light to those around us. We should be the reflection of God’s love and grace to the world around us.

Read James 4:1–3, take your time and pay attention to what is being said. These verses remind us that the root of conflict and division in the Church is our own sinful desires and passions. We cannot love one another if we are consumed by our own wants and pleasures. We must be able to put these aside and focus on loving and serving one another. Loving one another is not just a commandment, but it is a way of life. It is not something that we do only on Sundays or when it is convenient, but it is a way of life that should be present in every moment of our lives.

Further Reading: Romans 14:13

Bible In One Year: Exodus [3–6]

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