Fighting with Music

19th JULY 2022

Christ for Youth International

“At the very moment they began to sing and give praise, the Lord caused the armies of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir to start fighting among themselves.” 2 Chronicles 20:22 NLT

Joshua 6:1–27 tells a fascinating story of the Israelites gaining their victory over the people of Jericho through shouts of praise. An even more fascinating story is told in 2 Chronicles 20:1–30, where singers were appointed to go ahead of the Israelite army in a war against not one nation, but a number of nations put together. In these two stories, the people’s songs and shouts of praise sealed their victory against the opposing armies.

We can cause confusion in the camp of the enemy and break down walls by choosing to listen to music and sing songs that produce praise out of our hearts, to God. If singers are put out in front of an army, singing some of the songs we listen to, will opposing armies be thrown into confusion and subsequent defeat? If the Israelites are to go around the walls of Jericho with shouts of the songs we listen to, will the power of God through that song pull down walls?

Spiritual battles are mostly fought in the mind. When you’re going through such a time, you need the promises of God about your exact situation to help you through it. Therefore, you undoubtedly need music that speaks about said promises of God. The key to walking in victory when we’re going through a spiritual battle is praising like the battle has already been won because it has! In the two stories highlighted above, the instruction given from God was for the Israelites to praise their way to victory. Maybe the reason we’re unable to praise God during hard times is that we’ve not cultivated the habit of doing so even in the not-so-challenging times.

Consider that we speak and act out of the abundance of the heart; our faith is also increased and developed by hearing the word of God. Therefore, we must listen to songs that proclaim the word of God; songs which extol the name of Jesus. What this does is that it helps us cultivate the very presence of God and saturates our environment with victory.

Shatta Wale, Adele, Beyoncé, and the like, cannot and will never be able to help us cultivate the presence of God and walk in the victory that Christ has already won for us. Music goes far beyond just listening for listening sake. The ear is one of the openings to the soul and spirit, and so we must be careful to screen what type of music we consume. Remember, the enemy we wrestle against is not flesh and blood. Don’t make it easy for the devil to steal the victory which is already yours because of the music you have chosen to listen to!

Father, we pray that You take away every weakness that causes us to struggle to choose the right music to listen to. From here on out, may our choice of music bring glory to You, In Jesus’ name. Amen

Further Reading: Colossians 3:16, 2 Chronicles 5:13.

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [38–41]



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Daily devotional of Christ for Youth International (CYI)