Foolish at Heart

24th JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Contrary to what you might think, we will not be dwelling on the topic of atheism. Not for long, at least.

While we deal with the topic of wisdom, it makes sense to consider the other end of the spectrum: foolishness. After all, any step away from wisdom is a step in the direction of foolishness. And just as wisdom begins with a respectful acknowledgement of God, so is foolishness found in the denial of Him.

Our focal verse for today is popular in addressing the topic of atheism. After all, if I told you that my laptop had no creator you would call me crazy. How can something so complex occur by chance? How much more the human brain, the most complex computer in the world; or DNA, the code that determines even the color of your eyes? Code which can be stretched from the earth to the moon and back a whopping 1,500 times!

It takes more faith to believe this happened by chance, than to accept that a God far bigger, wiser, and more intelligent than us created all these. Let us instead turn our attention to a kind of foolishness we are more prone to:

In the King James version of the Bible, our verse for today has two words in italics: “there is”. If you take out those two words, the verse reads: The fool hath said in his heart, “No God.”

(Words written in italics in the King James version of the Bible were not included in the original texts; they were added by translators to aid understanding.)

What I believe David was saying in that psalm is that the person who runs their business, chooses a life partner, raises their kids, or does anything else without involving God is a fool. Even if you believe in God, but engage in some endeavor where you say in your heart, “Let us leave God out of this”, you have become a fool in that matter.

God deserves first place in everything. Let us involve Him and repent of foolishness.

Further Reading: Matt. 6:33 / Isaiah 45:5

Bible In One Year: Jeremiah [4 - 7]

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