God is Involved all Day

16th JULY 2020

Christ for Youth International

Brother Lawrence, a French cook who lived in the 17th Century shares how he committed to hosting God’s presence in his book ‘The Practice of the Presence of God’. He was a simple man who turned his ordinary daily life into encounters with God by inviting the presence of God into everything He did. He started by simply learning to have conversations with God throughout his entire day.

We have already established in our devotional ‘The Advocate is with Us’ that we must live with the consciousness of God’s presence with us. In very practical terms, imagine you had a friend who was hooked to you at the hip and went everywhere with you. Can you wrap your mind around going through the day without constant communication with your ‘Siamese twin’? That will be chaotic. That’s what our lives look like when we are not conscious of His presence nor communicate with the Spirit of God. It’s not because He is not with us but there is no avenue for us to hear what He has to say about His direction for our lives.

Certainly, we are heaven-bound but God knows we have a life to live here and we must make sure it counts for eternity. God is not asking us to confine ourselves all day in a locked room to host His presence. He wants to do life with us. It’s about inviting His presence into every single detail of our life and fellowshipping with Him like he was literally joint to us at the hip.

The Holy Spirit wants to perform our daily tasks and responsibilities with us, He is interested in all that which concerns us.

Speak with Him as you wash the dishes, tell Him how happy or upset you are. Stop to thank Him for everything that’s going right in your day and commit all that’s not to Him. Ask Him what He wants to teach you when you have unpleasant moments in your day. He is there in the consulting room, in the office, the mechanic’s workshop, in the market, in your bathroom — closer than your next breath. Remember you live, move and have your being in Him.

Further Reading: Colossians 3:23

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [Chapters 62–65]

www.cyiradio.com [12:00–13:00 GMT]



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