God’s Permanent Home [Sex]

27th FEBRUARY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Don’t you realize that together you have become God’s inner sanctuary and that the Spirit of God makes his permanent home in you? [1 Corinthians 3:16 TPT]

Imagine buying a house at Malibu Zuma Beach in Los Angeles, California, for $24, 900, 000 and you wake up one morning and find pigs covered in mud in the house. Actually, not just in the house, but roaming all over in your couch, eating from your stainless steel utensils and just messing up all over. What would be your reaction? God have mercy on those pigs if you should find a cane or a belt. When we indulge in sexual sin, we open up God’s house to the pigs (unclean spirits).

God is not renting your body; He is not a tenant in your body; He owns your body. He paid the full price for it when He hanged on the cross. The very day you invited Him to be Lord of your life, He moved in with all of His bags. Believe it or not; your body is more expensive than any luxurious house on the surface of the earth. That’s why God chose to dwell permanently.

From the previous devotionals for the past two days, we have learned how God wills for us to live lives of sexual purity before Him. We also learned that He wants us to inherit His Kingdom and sexual purity before Him makes us eligible heirs. Today, we are learning that God dwells in us; we are His permanent home.

Since the Holy Spirit dwells in us, we must live with that consciousness of His presence in us and give reverence to Him always. We will like to offer you two ways you can keep the home of God sanctified. Firstly, predetermine or purpose it in your heart before time that you will not sin against God. That is what Joseph did and he escaped from the lures of Potiphar’s wife. Secondly, stay in the fellowship of believers who are sound in doctrine and committed to pleasing God in all their ways. Consider Amnon, he failed to stay in the right company and ended up sleeping with his own sister, Tamar.

We are chosen and set apart to do great works. We cannot do the righteous works of God if we are in the habit of tainting our bodies. Thus, it’s important that we strive to keep ourselves holy in the sight of God and man if we are going to make an impact.

Lord Jesus, thank You for making my body Your permanent home. Thank You for washing me clean with Your blood that was shed for me. I receive Your grace and strength to stand holy before You always.

Further Reading: Ephesians 2:21–22 / Hebrews 3:6

Bible In One Year: Deuteronomy [8–11]

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