Good News; He Lives!

16th FEBRUARY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Death is an uncomfortable topic. It comes for everyone, often with no prior notice, and it does not negotiate. Should Jesus tarry, none of us will make it off this earth alive. We are all in line for this event and we do not know our positions in the ‘queue’.

Seeing as none of us have died before, death has gained a mysterious and foreboding description. However, we have the benefit of an unshakeable hope in the words of Jesus, God in the flesh. The One who faced off with death and came out victorious. He said, “Because I live, you also will live.”

Before you go on, think about this: it is impossible for God to lie [Hebrews 6:18]. If Jesus said we will live because He lives, then Hallelujah, it is simply the truth! Is this not good news? And to show us how serious He was He led by example when He died and rose again, proving forever that He can raise us too after we breathe our last. We live because He lives. He has conquered death!

Remember the words of the popular song:
Death could not hold You,
The veil tore before You,
You silenced the boast of Sin and Grave…

If Jesus never rose from the dead, our hope would be pitiful. But once your faith is anchored in the resurrected Saviour, He renders the fear of death irrational for all (not just some), but all who believe. Because He lives we can face tomorrow. We can face anything, knowing that the worst that could happen to us will merely translate us into the glorious presence of our Father. What an assurance!

This really is good news. It is worth sharing to a dying world. Our sins are paid for, our Saviour defeated death, and because His grave remains empty, we too will live. Hallelujah!

Further Reading: Hebrews 7:25 / Romans 8:34

Bible In One Year: Leviticus [27] & Numbers [1–3]



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