“I Will Help”

25th NOVEMBER 2022

Christ for Youth International

To clarify what is going on in the passage above, “I” refers to God, and “they” refers to those who obey and serve God. “And it will come to pass…” What would you give to be in this situation, knowing that God is ready to hear your requests and certain that He will respond quickly? If nothing else, our scripture for today demonstrates how ready God is to answer your requests and give you His undivided attention.

God is not a liar, and you must comprehend that what He says is exactly what He intends and will do. There was no gun to His head, forcing Him to say anything He didn’t mean. Our thoughts cannot fathom the nature of His integrity and consistency throughout both spiritual and physical dimensions. What exactly are we saying? God truly intends to respond to you even before you call on Him, so that the victory you are seeking will be yours.

Doesn’t the fact that God responds before we call on Him imply that we won’t pray at all? That is a likely question someone may ask. No surprise, God, in His infinite wisdom, did not tell us on which count of our call He would respond. Remember that He said, ‘while they are still asking for help,’ to indicate that He expects us to pray constantly.

As we stated at the outset, the promise in our first verse is made to people who are in the habit of consistently obeying and cheerfully serving God. Those who have seen their wrong and have responded to God’s invitation for genuine repentance. Those who recognised Christ’s open arms and ran into them in order to obtain mercy and be clothed in His righteousness. What decision must you make today to join this “they” group that God is helping while they still speak?

Further Reading: 1 John 5:14–15

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91

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