If You Really Love Me

1st FEBRUARY 2023

Christ for Youth International

This verse speaks to the core of our relationship with Jesus, as it highlights the importance of obedience in our love for Him. To love Jesus is to obey His commands, and to obey His commands is to love Him. In this Precious Moment, we will explore what it means to love Jesus, why obedience is so important, and how we can cultivate a deeper love for Him in our lives.

The love we have for Jesus should be an all-encompassing love, one that affects every aspect of our lives. It should be a love that motivates us to follow Him, even when it is difficult or inconvenient. It should be a love that inspires us to serve others and to share the gospel with those around us. This type of love cannot be forced or manufactured, it must come from a heart that has been transformed by the love of God.

Jesus’ commands are not burdensome, but rather they are meant to bring us life and freedom. When we obey His commands, we are living in alignment with His will and His purposes for our lives. Our obedience is a reflection of our love for Him, and it is through obedience that we demonstrate our faith in Him.

One of the ways we can cultivate a deeper love for Jesus is through spending time in prayer and in His Word. The more we know about Him, the more we will love Him. This means taking the time to study the Bible, meditate on its truths, and pray for His guidance and wisdom. When we do this, we will find that our hearts are transformed and our love for Jesus grows.

Another way we can deepen our love for Jesus is by serving others in His name. When we serve others, we are demonstrating our love for Him and His love for them. This can be as simple as lending a helping hand to someone in need, or it can be more involved, such as volunteering to spend your time and energy in ways that create avenues for others to worship God. Whatever form it takes, serving others is a powerful way to show our love for Jesus and to reflect His love to those around us.

Finally, we can deepen our love for Jesus by living a life of worship. Worship is not just singing songs on Ahavah evenings or Sunday mornings, but it is a lifestyle of putting Him first in all that we do. It is having an ever-present reverence for Jesus at all times. When we live a life of worship, we are demonstrating our love for Him, and we are drawing closer to Him. This is a call to obedience, to a life that is lived in alignment with Jesus’ will and purposes. Through prayer, studying His Word, serving others, and living a life of worship, we can deepen our love for Jesus and cultivate a relationship with Him that is strong and vibrant.

Further Reading: John 15:10–11

Bible In One Year: Exodus [15–18]


Theme: First Love (Revelation 2:4)

Hello family
Kindly take note of the various prayer sessions

Day 1️⃣

▪️Noon Prayer Session
12:00–13:00 GMT
13:00–14:00 BST/CET/GMT+1/
14:00–15:00 CAT
7:00–8:00 EST/GMT-5

📍Zoom Cloud Meeting

▪️Night Prayer Session
21:00–22:00 GMT
22:00–23:00 BST/CET/ GMT+1
23:00–00:00 CAT
16:00–17:00 EST/GMT-5

📍Zoom Cloud Meeting

▪️Prayer Marathon — * 6:00AM-6:00PM*
{Prayer Marathon will be coordinated at every branch level}.



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