It is Not Good

4th December 2022

Christ for Youth International

Being alone is not beneficial for man. Fellowship is one of God’s primary goals for man. God’s first step in making this feasible was to create the family system. We can see from the beginning of human history that God values families.

In our verse for today, we learn that God did not think it was good for man to be alone, so God chose to provide him with an appropriate helper. We frequently interpret this verse in terms of marriage, but we must remember that God did not design man to be a solitary entity, married or unmarried. God created man to be dependent on Him and on one another, not to be self-sufficient. When we have a need, God frequently provides for us through another person. God is basically telling us that we need each other on our journey through life. The fact that you can live your life by yourself and be independent, in the finest meaning of the word, makes it neither the right nor useful practice.

God created the family initially to kick-start all human connections, thus, being in a family is God-ordained. Our biological family is the first place we learn to love and be loved. Our families provide opportunities to study, care for others and live in communities. Regardless of our flaws and weaknesses, which sometimes make family connections difficult, we must recognise that family is God’s purpose. As a result, we must learn to appreciate our families.

As members of Christ’s body, we are also members of God’s universal family, linked by the precious blood of Jesus. When we are reborn, we must accept the family that God offers us to live with. Just as our biological families help us get through life, our spiritual families play an important part in shaping us to be like Christ. Our biological and spiritual families must always be valued.

Further Reading: Ephesians 3:16–19

Prophetic Declaration: Psalm 91


Important Update

The deadline for part payment of GLC fees is fast approaching.

This means you have till December 10th to pay a minimum of GHS200 to secure your slot as a camper. ⏳

In all faithfulness, kindly make your part payment to your branch president before the deadline.

God bless you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾



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