Live in Remembrance

6th NOVEMBER, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Let us follow the cyclical process to long life and abundant welfare. If you have been following our wisdom posts then by now you’ve learnt that seeking wisdom is paramount, because it shows a fear of God and this fear then propels us to obey God’s word and His will and through our obedience we are rewarded with long life and abundant welfare.

That is the crux of the message in our key verses today. That we do not forget the teachings, and we should keep the commandments. In other words, we should continue to pursue wisdom and not forget the things that we have been taught. Let’s not fall for the trend in our generation of saying Amen to the promise in verse 2 and ignoring the requirements in verse 1.

Living in remembrance requires intentionality and dedication. What message was preached in church last month? How about last Sunday? How about your last Ahavah meeting? Don’t remember?… I bet your notebook would if you kept one! What about your devotional yesterday… what did it say? Forgotten? I bet it would be easier to remember if you had taught or shared with someone else.

We often take for granted our ability to forget things. We think that we would remember these wonderful messages and that we already know and understand all the commandments and thus can keep them. That is however not the case. Let us do better.

Write the message down. Share it with your friends. Read over your notes! Study the Word and then obey the Word. Keep His commandments in your hearts, then long life and abundant welfare will be your portion.

Further Reading: Deuteronomy 4:23 / Proverbs 4:5

Bible In One Year: Revelations [2–5]



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