Live Out Wisdom

7th JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Wisdom, like faith, is a spiritual virtue that is best seen by the works (conduct) of the one who possesses it. If you consider yourself to be wise and one who comprehends the ways of God, you must show it with a beautiful, fruitful life of good works guided by humility.

To be humble is to consider yourself through faith in God and recognizing your proper value in Him. This means that if you happen to be a subordinate and you carry out such good works and your boss is credited for it, do not go about boasting that you did the work, that is foolishness. Never boast nor be prideful about what you have achieved and you will prove you are truly wise.

Wisdom is not only demonstrated by the words of the man that possesses it, but in the total way of life of the man. This means a person who goes about speaking wise sayings but exhibits foolishness is unwise. Woefully, we have become a generation of young people who are eager to post wise sayings on our social media feeds but fail to keep them in our hearts where it matters. We fail to live out wisdom but are excited to just give it a like. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; how do we see fear except through the behavior of a person?

Are you a wise person with understanding? The answer is not in what you say as a response to the question, but in the life you live.

Further Reading: Matthew 7:24 / 1 Peter 2:12

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [2–5]



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