Living Righteously

27th MARCH 2022

Christ for Youth International

So, whoever violates even the least important of the commandments, and teaches others to do so, will be called least in heaven’s kingdom. But whoever obeys them and teaches their truths to others will be called great in heaven’s kingdom. For I tell you, unless your lives are more pure and full of integrity than the religious scholars and the Pharisees, you will never enter heaven’s kingdom. [Matthew 5:19-20 TPT]

As it is well understood, man lives in a close niche of influences, either from the family or from friends, sometimes even from strangers. Unlike the popular song “I am not moved by what I see and what I hear”, it is quite the contrary for the world in the aspect of picking up thoughts and behaviours. You cannot choose to live a life devoid of people. Each one of us is equally responsible for our actions, as we have been given our free will. Choosing to live a private life and making our own decisions does not even stop people from being influenced by what we do or even what we say. Therefore, even our faith which is abstract can become tangible enough to either draw people nigh to God or away from Him.

Before the opening scripture for today was spoken by Christ on the mount, which talks about the fulfilment of the law, He had introduced to the multitude, the beatitudes, and the principle of us being the salt and light of the world which outlined the weight we carry by our actions and the impact of our very existence. It is easy to live as a righteous person than in sin when we know who we live for and the benefits amongst which, we have the Almighty Himself ordering our steps. To not live right with God is to teach the world to not live right with Him.

We are privileged to have the grace and the word of God that easily guide us through all things, the manual of life. What better steppingstone than the beatitudes; harnessing blessings from the Father. But one cannot be selective with these commandments, for if you fail one, you shall be held accountable for all. So do not take merits with the grace of God as an excuse to do away with the laws which Christ Himself said to have come to fulfil and not abolish. This is because, through the law, comes the knowledge of sin although, by the works of the law, no one will be justified in the sight of God. “You shall not commit murder”, “make not an adulterer of anyone by divorce”, “all we need to say is a YES or a NO, swear not by His name”, “give no eye for an eye” and “even love your foe”, none must be left out. Choosing not to obey a law, is violating the law.

The world prattles how it needs its freedom and preaches that all it takes is just living right and at peace with everyone yet wants to leave God out of it. But by what standard is that good measured, and to what length can we love people or be at peace with them without God? And with our popular quote of “do what makes you happy”, who can truly be happy then, “when your job leaves someone unemployed?” Only know that the difference is in Christ, because in Him, what makes you happy, can even leave your enemy content.

Father, may I find it easy to live right by You. May my life teach people about You and draw them towards You, that I may be called great in the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Further Reading: Deuteronomy 12:32 and James 2:10-11

Bible In One Year: 2 Samuel [6–9]

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