1st JANUARY 2023

Christ for Youth International

In a day and age where self-love is all over the place, the notion or idea that someone else can completely love another person forever is being challenged. To some extent, we can understand why people are fighting that notion. It is primarily because people have sought to love on their own terms, when love was never meant to be defined and shaped by men. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, that is if you are not defining love by yourself.

Love is a reality that manifests in how two or more people treat each other in their dealings with each other. It is being kind and patient with another person. Knowing that love cannot be expressed or witnessed in the absence of a relationship with another being, our self-love, which is devoid of another human being, must find its foundation in a relationship with a spiritual being for it to be manifested. What more do we all want or need that can supersede having a love that is enduring in all things and at all times? Not only that, it is steadfast too. Just to help you, this is what steadfast means; resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

Note that our verse for today tells us to give thanks to God, for He is good. The basis of giving Him thanks is founded on who He is, and His nature of being. Would it not be wise then for us to plunge ourselves into Him, to be loved by Him and love ourselves based on our relationship with Him?

God’s love for you endures. It is seen in His kindness and mercies daily. If the actualisation of your self-love is based on this truth of God’s love, your love for yourself will endure regardless of the things happening around you. In this new year, love yourself as God has taught you or is teaching you, that is your best option for staying joyful through the year. We dare you to believe that God loves you with enduring love.

Further Reading: Jeremiah 33:11

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91

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