Overcome Guilt

26th JULY 2022

Christ for Youth International

Every believer knows that we have a highly motivated adversary, the devil, who will stop at nothing to bring us down. He has an itinerary of tools that he uses against us: diseases, temptation, fear, and pride. However, one of the most important ones that hold Christians back from experiencing God’s presence in their life is guilt.

Yes, guilt. That, ill-feeling one experiences after doing something wrong. Whether or not they are caught. It leaves one feeling unworthy and dirty, with a desire to run away from God and accountability. Oftentimes, we tend to mistake guilt for the conviction of the Spirit. Remember, the Holy Spirit will always show you your need for God’s mercy and His grace to overcome any shortcoming.

Once people are overpowered by guilt, they are filled with shame, it becomes difficult to pray or to go to church, and the person always feels condemned and judged whenever they hear certain preaching.

Jesus is one who can totally relate to us a hundred per cent. Though He is perfect, yes, He went through every form of temptation known to man just so he would understand us. Jesus is on your side! He does not condemn you, He is calling for you to repent and give it another go.

The righteous stands up after they have fallen. This is not to say we have the chance to intentionally sin because of Grace, but this is just letting us know that we don’t have to stay down if we fall. We don’t have to let guilt control us. We don’t have to let condemnation consume us. If the God of the universe hasn’t condemned us, then no one can. Especially not ourselves.

You’re being given a second chance today, will you take it, or will you allow the accuser of the brethren to keep you down, reminding you of the past things you’ve done? Choose life.

Further Reading: Hebrews 2:17–18

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [66] & Jeremiah [1–3]

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