People Began to Pray

13th JUNE 2022

Christ for Youth International

According to Genesis 4:26, we can request divine assistance in any aspect of our lives. This scriptural verse provides a simple definition of prayer: we can boldly go to our heavenly Father with our requests, trusting Him to fulfil them. Prayer makes God’s immeasurable, limitless power available to and accessible to us. This is fantastic news! No wonder the hymnist wrote the following lovely words;

However, praying entails more than simply presenting our requests to God. God, as a loving Father, longs to hear us speak to Him. As a result, prayer not only allows us to bring our needs before our Father, but it also provides us with a means of communication with Him.

When we pray, we become more aware of God’s presence in us, and our faith in His ability to intervene on our behalf grows stronger. In fact, prayer serves as a gentle reminder that God is always present. Those who pray are not afraid.

As a result, we must be deliberate in our communication with God because He longs to fellowship with us through prayer. The more we talk to our Father, the more we learn about His heart. Let us approach our loving heavenly Father with all the faith we can muster, knowing that He always hears us when we call on His name.

Further Reading: Hebrews 4:16

Bible In One Year: Proverbs [105–108]



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