Positioned to be Crushed

20th SEPTEMBER 2022

Christ for Youth International

To be able to crush anything, you need opposing forces. With the object in the middle, you need one force above or in front of it and another below or behind it. Just as God puts us under someone, as we learned from Elisha’s experience yesterday, He also puts us above others. This He does to make our crushing complete so that we are able to produce the needed oil [anointing] for the calling.

Paul is a man who requires no introduction to most of us, if not all of us. After growing up persecuting the church and doing everything to hinder its growth, God brought him under the leadership of the church when he became born-again. He submitted to them and learned from them. You can imagine how humbling it would have been for him after all he had done against them.

As God will have it, the forces for the crushing which produces the anointing are in, first, following and then leading. Aside from the Spirit’s leadership, Jesus followed Mary and Joseph, so He could lead His disciples. The disciples, having followed Jesus, could lead the church and the believers of the faith. Paul was given Timothy, a gentile, to lead, disciple and father in the faith. Perhaps, this intimate task worked out in Paul the depths of his affection for the salvation of gentiles.

A look at the latter portion of our verse for today shows the pressure that Paul had to deal with right after deciding to lead Timothy. He had to make an irreversible decision that would affect the life of Timothy forever. That pressure crushes. Yet, it produces the oil needed for greater influence. Do not reject the people who God bring your way to lead. Granted, you may feel uncertain in your own growth but if you have been following, then you need to be leading to have the complete crushing experience that produces the oil.

Further Reading: 1 Corinthians 4:16–17

Bible In One Year: Mark [4–7]


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