Prayer Breeds Confidence.

30th JUNE 2020

Christ for Youth International

Prayer washes away carnality, making real our true divine nature. The truth is, as human beings whether we are Jesus' followers or yet to be, we are made in the image of God. When God created Adam and Eve, they were originally in a glorious state (without any trace of sin, weakness, or phobia) till they disobeyed the Father. Their error brought consequences on the human race at large, up until now. Notwithstanding, Christ is now the portal of redemption, redeeming and restoring humanity to God’s intended purpose.

Genuinely seeking God through prayer purges us from fear that exists in this fallen world. Prayer is literally the breath of every believer, the more we engage in dialogue with the Father the more hope, faith and love bursts forth from within us.

The presence of fear in our lives could be an indicator of an inconsistent prayer life.

The best place to cast our burdens is in the ambience of prayer, with a total focus on God. God desires that we seek Him first in all things. In our moments of prayer, if all we talk about are the obstacles we face and needs to be met, among others, then there is the potential of derailing our hunger for God. Prayer is made possible because of the existence of God, as such, we need to be intentional to always know that He is the focus. We should seek God not just to have our personal prayers answered.

God answers our prayers because He is a loving Father. Love is at the centre of God’s will, He has deliberately zoomed His attention on us. Fundamentally, we should be moved to pray as a response to His love. We should desire to spend quality time with Him, not just for a short while, but at all times – in momentary minutes of every hour. Let us yearn to pray whether we feel like it or not, whether we feel adequate or not. Let us pray because a good God loves us.

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91

Bible In One Year: Song of Songs [6–8] & Isaiah [1]

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