Praying for the Harvest

14th OCTOBER 2020

Christ for Youth International

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” [Mat 9:37–38 ESV]

A look at the life of Jesus and His focus on lost souls as He walked the earth, teaches us the attitude we should have as believers towards the lost. All through His journey with His disciples, He would teach a lesson here and there, with the intent of leaving a standard for His disciples. Jesus knew He was not going to be with them in the flesh forever. One of such principles that Jesus left with His disciples is praying for labourers for the harvest of souls.

Prayer, as used in the scripture, means “to beg” (as binding oneself). If you have ever been in dire need of something or seen someone in that position, then you have a fair idea of what it means to beg, in the manner of binding oneself. That is the position Jesus wants us to assume when praying for labourers for the harvest of souls. He does not just want us to pray, He wants us to do so earnestly.

The Lord of the harvest as used in the scripture refers to our heavenly Father. From the above text, one may be tempted to think the Lord of the harvest is not interested in the harvest, hence, why He has to be begged to send labourers. On the contrary, when you read verse 36 of the same chapter, we come to understand that He had compassion for the harvest that was left unattended.

Jesus, in asking us to pray in the manner in which He did, is showing us how we also ought to be as passionate about the harvest as the Father is.

We cannot do this work on our own. We need the strength of the Lord, that is why we have to pray. Winning souls is a spiritual endeavour and prayer gives us the advantage over the enemy. We have to pray for more labourers because we cannot harvest the entire field of souls by ourselves, no matter how eager and motivated we think we are. Remember, if you are as compassionate about the harvest as the Lord is, you will pray that all men may come to knowledge of Christ.

Dear Father, we pray this day that as the fields are white and the harvest plentiful, You send labourers for the harvest of the souls. Amen.

Further Reading: Luke 10:1–2

Bible In One Year: Ephesians [4–6] & Philippians [1]



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