Purposed for Growth — Part 1

15th APRIL 2020

Christ For Youth International

Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; [Galatians 4:1 KJV]

Imagine you had a Range Rover or some other inordinately expensive car. Imagine also that you had a three-year-old son who said, “Daddy/Mummy, give me the keys, I want to drive.” If you’re even a slightly responsible parent, your answer will be a resounding “No!” No negotiations. Why is that? Why won’t you give your three-year-old the keys to your expensive car? The shallow reason is that they would spoil the car, or at best their feet would never reach the pedals and it would never move. The primary reason, however, is that they could easily kill themselves if entrusted with the power to drive such a machine. They are simply not ready.

What makes you think your Heavenly Father is any different? What if, play along for a minute, when you pray and ask God for that “blessing”, the One before whom all things are naked sees a whining child asking for something that could kill him/her?

Now imagine that your son was 25 years old with a driver’s license, and you had this Range Rover. When he asks for the key, is the conversation not going to be different? Same car, same son, but a different outcome on account of maturity.

Prince George Alexander Louis is the eldest child of Prince William and Catherine, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge, and third in the line of succession to the British throne. His net worth is estimated at over $3 billion. He is 6 years old. No matter how much money this child has to his name, he cannot enter a bank to withdraw the money. He cannot spend any of it until he comes of age to exercise his rights as a royal, and till then, he has to remain under the authority of his teachers. Until then, he will do his chores and take orders from people as he is not old enough to give orders.

From our focal text in Galatians 4:1, Paul says of “the heir” (in verse 2), that he is “under tutors [teachers] and governors [authority] until the time appointed by his father.”

Child of God, you are royalty. You are no ordinary person. But until we grow, we will not access certain things that God has reserved for us. Not because God is not a good Father, but because His goodness will not allow Him to give us the right thing at the wrong time.

“Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better.” — John C. Maxwell,

Father, help me to appreciate the fact that until I mature in You I will not have access to all you have in store for me because you are a good God.

Prophetic Declaration: Psalm 91

Bible In One Year: 2 Chronicles [Chapters 6–9]





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