Resistance From Worldly Wisdom

15TH JUNE, 2021

Christ for Youth International

To preach the message of the cross seems like sheer nonsense to those who are on their way to destruction, but to us who are on our way to salvation, it is the mighty power of God released within us. [1 Corinthians 1:18 TPT].

The kingdom of God is an upside-down kingdom to that of the world’s and as such, what believers live by, will make no sense to people of this world. There are rules and guidelines the world lives by, such as the act of getting revenge and lack of respect for purity.

The word of God says that the message of the cross, of self-denial, of the utmost form of love coming down in the form of the highest sacrifice, is foolishness to the world. This is no surprise. The world has been blinded by the devil and as such it operates in deceit, hatred, fear and guilt. So anything that appears different faces resistance.

To resist something is to oppose it or be against it. Believers face resistance for choosing God over the world. We shouldn’t be surprised if people around us disregard us, make us feel bad or treat us negatively because we decide to follow Jesus Christ and His teachings. We should expect it from those closest to us who are not of the faith. We should embrace it!

For what they did to our Lord Jesus Christ is what they shall do to us and no matter how bad it gets, none of us will be forced to carry a cross and get nailed to it. What an honour it is, to follow in the footsteps of Christ Himself. What an honour it is to face persecution for the one who laid his life down for us. See, to someone who operates with the world’s guidelines in mind, this won’t make sense to him.

Why should we rejoice in suffering? Yet, the Word of God says just that. The Joy of the Lord is our strength in times of distress; it gives us hope for it is not based on what’s happening around us but on the fact that if God is for us, man can do his worst but it won’t separate us from Christ. Even death will just bring us closer to Him.

Resistance and opposition are sure to come. Don’t fear. Don’t be discouraged for God is with you the whole journey.

You, my Lord are with me. I stand unapologetically in the promise You have for me. When it makes little or no sense to the world, please help me to keep following Your Will and precepts for me.

Further Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:21 / James 3:13–17

Bible In One Year: Psalms [115–118]

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