Running into Error

7th MAY 2022

Christ for Youth International

A wise king assesses and plans with counsel before making a critical decision. As men and women who have received a call into leadership, it is imperative to respond to the call of God. Our response should be an intentional decision to follow the one who called us and please Him.

God calls you by name into leadership. He calls you into a life of daily glory, which translates into a glorious eternity. Take a minute to assess yourself. Have you responded to this call?

If your answer is No, the time is now! “You draw near to those who call out to you, listening closely, especially when their hearts are true.” Psalms 145:18 TPT

If your answer is yes, remain faithful and be consistent in your walk with God. “But the lovers of God walk on the highway of light, and their way shines brighter and brighter until they bring forth the perfect day.” Proverbs 4:18 TPT

Ignorance is no excuse; it is a choice. Prepare your heart by seeking knowledge. Desire to know God as you seek knowledge. In knowing God, expect glorious things.

Further Reading: Philippians 1:9

Bible In One Year: Esther [10] & Job [1–3]

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