Saving All Men

4th OCTOBER 2022

Christ for Youth International

As followers of Jesus, our ultimate goal is to intentionally live as missionaries every day. To make others more like Christ, we must preach the gospel and disciple them.

Heaven, and the Body of Christ, are populated by our adherence to God’s great commission. We cannot profess to love the Lord while being indifferent to the sufferings around us. Every day, we must conduct the Father’s business; he desires that all men be saved. Every aspect of our lives can be used to share the good news of Jesus with others.

We shouldn’t be restricted to the days that our various denominations set aside specifically for evangelism.

Every opportunity to introduce others to Jesus should be taken. Our housemates, classmates, co-workers, neighbours, etc. are all possible recipients of Jesus’ loving grace. The best present we can give somebody is an encounter with Jesus that lasts forever. We must consider the possibility that the individuals we care about will spend eternity in hell if we do not pray for them and spread the Good News to them. As Christians, it is our duty to make sure that the gospel of Christ is shared with everyone in our circle of family and friends.

Regardless of how we feel, it is our responsibility to just comply. The actual soul-winner is the Holy Spirit; our job is to simply spread the message. We must set a goal for how many souls we want to reach with the good news of Jesus, and pray for wisdom to achieve that target in an incremental manner.

Further Reading: Titus 2:11 / Mark 16:15

Bible In One Year: John [20–21] & Acts [1–2]



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