The Lord’s Training

22nd JANUARY 2023

Christ for Youth International

God’s discipline may not always be easy to understand or accept, but it is always for our own good. Just as a parent disciplines their child to guide them in the right direction, so too does God discipline us to mould us into the people He created us to be. My child, don’t turn away or become bitter when the LORD corrects you. The LORD corrects everyone he loves, just as parents correct their favorite child [Proverbs 3:11–12].

God’s discipline may take many forms, from small corrections to major life changes, but all of it is for our ultimate good and growth.

It’s not only discipline that God uses to train us. God uses many means to train us, including the trials and hardships of life, the guidance of other believers, and even the natural consequences of our actions. All of these are designed to teach us valuable lessons and bring us closer to Him. And just as a child delights in pleasing their parent, when we submit to God’s training and discipline, we prove ourselves to be His beloved children.

As Psalm 103:13 says, “As a father has compassion upon his children, so the LORD has compassion upon those who fear Him.” When we submit to His training and discipline, we can have confidence in His love for us.

Let us embrace the training and discipline of the Lord in our lives, knowing that it is a reflection of His faithful love for us. And let us trust that as we submit to His guidance, we will become more and more like the people He created us to be, children who bring Him delight.

Further Reading: Hebrews 12:5–11

Bible In One Year: Genesis [25–28]

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