The Principal Thing

22nd JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” [Proverbs 4:7 KJV]

There is a basic math topic called “Simple Interest”. It can be viewed as a defining moment for anyone who has a future in finance. The essence of the topic is a simple formula: Interest = Principal × Rate × Time.

Rates and time can be determined arbitrarily, provided they are reasonable, but when it comes to the principal, the hard cash that will be used to make a profit, someone has to make an investment. In life, that investment, that principal [thing], is wisdom, as we will learn shortly.

The dictionary defines the word “principal” as “first in order of importance.” Essentially, if you go into any endeavor without first seeking wisdom on the matter you have put the cart before the horse, and as with any bad investment, you will likely come out with regrets.

So Solomon advises us to “get wisdom”. From where? From the same place Solomon got his; from God. James 1:5 says “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously…” It’s literally as simple as asking, and asking from the right Source. Beware, there is a wisdom of this world which is “earthly, sensual, and demonic” [James 3:15]

(On this note, I beg you not to side-step God’s Word and godly fellowship to go looking for wisdom on Twitter or your favorite social media app. Satan has a lot of free advice to give as well. But while he gives with one hand, he slits your throat with the other.)

Finally, Solomon says, “…and with all thy getting get understanding.” Wisdom will tell you what to do; understanding will tell you why, and then that truth will become personal to you. Nobody can ever take it away like the seed that fell on the path and was lost for lack of understanding. [Matthew 13:19]

Wisdom starts with the fear of God, understanding is found in a relationship with this God. [Proverbs 9:10 paraphrased]

Heavenly Father may I desire Your wisdom daily and nothing else. And may I flourish in it so that Your people will also benefit from it. In Jesus name, Amen.

Further Reading: Ecclesiastes 7:12

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [62-65]




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