The Testimony of Life

6th AUGUST 2022

Christ for Youth International

God never abandons us. He is always interested in us, in every aspect of our story, and he is present in all of our moments. This is a beautiful truth that we must accept. He has a front-row seat to all of life’s events and never fails to assist us. He is more present than we perceive.

The numerous reasons we have to praise or thank God pale in comparison to simply praising Him for being God (and oh! how beyond excellent He is at being God all by Himself). Praise is more than just dancing to your favourite song on a Sunday morning. It refers to God’s revelation in your heart. According to the introductory scripture, you and I are “eligible” to praise God because we have life; this is a great reason to praise God.

As He teaches our souls to rest in Him, we become more aware of Him and learn to live our lives with Him, praising Him for everything He is. Being in the habit of seeing God in everything strengthens the muscles of our hearts, allowing them to grow into the tenacity required to accommodate while still smiling and laughing through life’s trials. There is always something to thank Him for! We have reason to be thankful: we were given life.

His praises should be on our lips at all times; that is how we win: by confusing the enemy.

Mckelvey resolves beautifully in his book, Every Moment Holy, just as David did in his journaling of the Psalms, saying, “So may the decline of our bodies incline our hearts and souls ever more vigorously toward your coming kingdom, O God. Evermore vigorously.”

No matter how the day unfolds, go out with joy today. May He give you a new battle cry. He has gone ahead of you. Laugh more today! Face the problem and give thanks to God. Give Him unrestrained praise. Even though we’ve realised that praise is more than a song, turn up the music and shout His praises. Alternatively, there is room to praise Him even in the silence.

Further Reading: Psalm 100: 1–5

Bible In One Year: Jeremiah [44–47]

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