There’s Life in Wisdom

31st JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

We are all dead in the spirit until we come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary. When we accept Christ as Lord and Master, we are immediately transposed into the light. However, our minds still need to go through a transformation. A resurrection so to speak.

Through wisdom, we obtain life and are refreshed daily. Yet, while in a previous devotional we learned that wisdom does not hide herself from us, our verse for today presents to us that we also have a role to play in obtaining wisdom and the life she gives.

Our part is to listen, to seek wisdom at the doors daily and wait for her at the doorways. Put differently, we are to actively seek out wisdom in every sphere and sector of our life. In all your ventures, learn to set your eyes on wisdom, that is how your vision will find life. Learn to wait on wisdom; for the favour she brings is far better than the anxiety of your rushed decisions.

It is very possible for us to keep our eyes on wisdom daily. We can achieve this practically by reading, studying and meditating on the Bible, listening to messages by seasoned men of God (our shepherds) and communicating with the Holy Spirit (prayer).

By listening to wisdom continually, our minds receive the needed transformation to help us not conform to the world. The evidence of this will surely be seen in our actions. And when all our thoughts are motivated by wisdom, then all we say and do become not just life unto ourselves, but life-giving unto the people around us too.

Further Reading: Proverbs 3:13–18

Bible In One Year: Jeremiah [32–35]

Christ for Youth International



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