Understand your Makeup

24th APRIL 2020

Christ For Youth International

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are your work and that my soul knows very well [PSALM 139:14].

Many are in a state of devastation and are unable to comprehend the meaning of life. There lies in the world today, a pool of confusion into which many out of ignorance dive and start to interpret life’s values and culture differently other than what God has purposed. The proliferating rate of the LGBT and other societies that stray from what God has said in His Word is an indication that many minds are being corrupted because they don’t know how marvellous and unique God the creator of all designed them to be. This, therefore, is the reason for a lot of moral decadence and disobedience in society. It has become a major problem which churches, governments and other humanitarian institutions are trying to solve.

However, the solution to the problem is to go back to God’s original purpose and mandate for mankind. We need to go back to the intention and mind of God at the inception of creation. As we delve deeper, His purpose will be clearly defined, which in turn will help to take away many wrong impressions and ideologies of life. The writer of this particular psalm is aware of how God purposely and intentionally created him.

The only reason why we are fearfully and wonderfully created by God is because He has a plan and purpose for us.

God didn’t just create us because He was tired and wanted to play games. No, God created us with a purpose; He intricately formed every part of our body to show forth His glory.

We should not allow sins and lies to entice us. We were created wonderfully not to use our vessels as instruments of wickedness but of righteousness. You are God’s masterpiece and a wonder to the world. Do not degrade your image or think of yourself lower than the image of Christ. As long as you are a part of God’s family you have entered into a great inheritance which secures your future.

Dear God, reveal to me my purpose and how special I am to you in the name of your beloved son Jesus.

Prophetic Declaration: Psalm 91

Bible In One Year: Ezra [Chapters 6–9]



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