Victorious in Wisdom

19th NOVEMBER 2022

Christ for Youth International

Our victory in Christ is not without principles and instructions that we have to adhere to. The victory we have in Him is by grace, there is absolutely nothing we could do to have made Him offer us perpetual victory. However, there are conditions we ought to uphold to be in this victory. Consider a parent gifting his/her child a house, however, the child decides to stay on the streets. The house is there, it is not going anywhere, and the parent is by no means resisting the child from enjoying the warmth and security of the house, but the child’s own decision.

Just like the verse says, “When he makes you the king of Israel” — when He makes you victorious in the battles you are facing, do not walk away from His wisdom. To be crowned king is a sign of victory, authority, and power to rule a domain (territory). As believers, we know that God has made us priests and kings, meaning that we have laws (teachings) that we have to obey. We do not want to be the child who sleeps on the streets when a house has been provided. And we certainly cannot be priests and kings who have no regard for the code of conduct and ethics that have been institutionalised by our God.

From the verse for today, we can see why, usually, a breakthrough (victory) in our lives has the potential to and does make us walk away from God’s principles sometimes. Without wanting to assume we know what every follower of Christ is doing, we can still say that we do not often pray for the wisdom and understanding required to operate in the victories we pray for. May the Lord give you ·wisdom [discretion] and understanding so you will be able to ·obey [keep; observe] the ·teachings [law; instructions] suggests that without the LORD giving you the wisdom and understanding, you would not be able to stay in your victory as king.

Further Reading: Luke 21:15

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91

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