Victory in Christ

16th NOVEMBER, 2021

Christ for Youth International

To be considered victorious, you must first win some sort of battle. Up until the death of Jesus, man had been fighting and losing the battle against sin and subsequently death. When Jesus, hung on the cross and uttered the words “It is finished” in essence, what He was saying is “The battle is over, I have won”.

Although none of us was present at the time, our belief, that is, our acceptance of the truth that Jesus who is the son of God indeed died and rose again is the reason why God gives (allows us to experience and partake of) His victory.

Admittedly, we may go through things that look far from victorious however, they do not negate the fact that we have been given victory through Christ! (emphasis on Christ). No matter the circumstance, so long as our eyes remain fixed on Jesus and our ears attuned to His voice, as the songwriter says, we are going to see a victory.

Do not let the enemy deceive you into giving up, rather, consider and meditate on Him who endured bitter hostility from sinners in comparison with your trials so that you do not grow weary and lose heart.

Further Reading: 1 John 5:5 / Hebrews 12:3

Prophetic Declaration: Psalms 91

Christ for Youth International



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