When You Pray

3rd FEBRUARY 2023

Christ for Youth International

As we walk with God every day, our faith should become stronger as true intimacy with Him brings us closer to a place of unshakable confidence in His goodness. Just like a newborn baby doesn’t have strong muscles, but grows stronger over time with care and nourishment, it’s important to prioritize growing our faith. The more we increase our faith, the more we challenge God to overwhelm us with His might and wonder.

One way to build our faith is through prayer, a key Christian practice. As we present our needs and desires to God, we are effectively exercising our faith to believe in Him. The idea of a mountain being cast into the sea, as mentioned in our opening scripture, is an example of the seemingly impossible things we can ask for in prayer. Jesus says in our key verse that the only requirement for receiving what we ask for in prayer is to believe. It is a simple, yet profound message.

We must not only pray, but have faith in the One we are praying to. The beauty of faith is that the more we believe in God, the more we see Him move and the bolder we become in our requests to Him. Perhaps, God is waiting for us to demonstrate our faith through prayer, so He can amaze us with a miracle. Let us be a generation with a strong faith in our amazing God.

Further Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:5, Mark 5:34

Bible In One Year: Exodus [23–26]




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