Worldly Wisdom

17th JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

What a contrast! The wisdom of the world and the wisdom of the Word have nothing in common! In life, there are no grey spots, either you are doing God’s will or that of the devil’s. Everything either belongs to good or evil and the same can be said for wisdom.

The characteristics of worldly wisdom have been listed above. It is earthly, unspiritual, demonic, thrives in disorder and evil. It encourages envy and selfish ambition. It is against God.

If you are not for God then you are against Him. Some of the rules of the world may not seem evil or wicked but they are a deviation from God’s plans. If you’re not walking in love, in faithfulness, in patience, in forgiveness, then my brother, my sister, chances are that you’re walking in hatred, infidelity, impatience and unforgiveness and those are not fruits of the spirit. That is why a person may reach heaven’s gate, declaring to all that they loved God, only for Jesus to say “depart from me, I do not know you.”

We cannot use our feelings and the dictates of the world to react to situations. It’s a fallen world, so yes, there will be many unpleasant situations but we must do what the Bible says.

Further Reading: Romans 12:2

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [42–45]



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