Worldly Wisdom is Sensual

19th JULY, 2021

Christ for Youth International

It does not take a spiritually anointed magnifying glass type of eye to see just how much our world today is drowning in moral decadence and debauchery. Just open your eyes and you will see how all manner of sexual behaviours have been normalized and greatly advocated for. You name it; legalized prostitution in various countries around the world, internet prostitution (described by some as a form of “internet entrepreneurship”), adultery, homosexuality, paedophilia, pornography, masturbation, casual hookups, Netflix & chill, etc. all make up the normal culture of our societies and the world today. As a matter of fact, the world defends all these with typical phrases such as “this is the 21st century" and “there is nothing wrong with people being who they are and expressing their type of love.”

This can be nothing less than the wisdom of the world which the bible clearly stated is foolishness to God. From our previous precious moments in this month, we know that true wisdom basically, refers to knowing and worshipping God. It means to have a certain understanding and deep insight into who God is, which then leads to our reverence of Him (Proverbs 1:7). This is Godly Wisdom! And this is the wisdom we should strive to have.

Worldly wisdom, being the opposite of what Godly wisdom is, is attained by doing the opposite of what is done to obtain Godly wisdom. Our main verse reveals this clearly. Reading from verses 21-27 of our main passage, we get the understanding that where the knowledge and acknowledgement of God are thrown away, lusts and sexual impurity abound greatly.

Apostle Paul when addressing the Church mentioned sexual sin as the only sin committed against one’s own body and that believers should flee from it (1 Cor 6:18). This goes to prove that it is possible to be a child of God and yet walk in the worldly wisdom that expresses itself in complete sexual immorality as we see in our world today.

Let us not be conformed to the normalized unrestrained sexual culture of our world today but rather commit to walking in the wisdom from above which practices discipline, holiness and honouring of our bodies as God’s blood-purchased temple.

Further Reading: 1 Cor 6:18, Romans 1:21-32

Bible In One Year: Isaiah [50-53]



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