Young and Vibrant for the Kingdom

28th OCTOBER, 2021

Christ for Youth International

Get the word out. Teach all these things. And don’t let anyone put you down because you’re young. Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity. Stay at your post reading Scripture, giving counsel, teaching. [1 Timothy 4:12–13 ]

Influence as we know by now is the crux of leadership. Everyone, both the believer and non-believer alike exerts a certain level of influence, however, unlike you and I, the non-believer does not have the power to influence the world for Christ. Only the Holy Spirit has the power to make that difference and, thank God, we have Him dwelling in us.

When you know your level of influence, you can leverage it more effectively ~ (John C Maxwell) and as we have just established, our ability to influence and therefore impact the world for Christ is as a result of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. So answer me this, if you do not engage the Holy Spirit how then will you know the level of influence you carry, much less operate in it?

Let us cast our mind to the Great Commission, where Jesus simply says, “Go ye therefore into the world and make disciples”. He does not specify at what age or time, He simply says go. That being said, “I’m too young” should not be an excuse when it comes to this God-given call to influence. The fact that we are young does not excuse us from exerting immense levels of influence, after all, Jesus was only 12 years old when scripture says, “All who heard Him speak in the temple were awestruck at His intelligent understanding of all that was being discussed and His wise answers to their questions”.

12-year-old Jesus was not intimidated by people who were well advanced in age and seemingly more versed in their knowledge of the word. Therefore, 15-year-old you, 18-year-old you, 21-year-old you, 25-year-old you… (you get the idea) should not back down or shy away when presented with the opportunity to exert influence.

Paul told Timothy in our opening text, “do not let anyone put you down because you are young” inferring that there is a tendency for this to happen, but apart from encouraging him, he also told him how to remedy the problem “stay at your post reading scripture.” Perpetual study of the word is what will give us the courage we need to step out and lead.

Thank you, Father, for the ability you have given us to impact our world. Teach us, by your Holy Spirit, to live our lives worthy of this of calling. Amen.

Further Reading: Matthew 5:13 / Matthew 16:19

Bible In One Year: Philemon [1] & Hebrews [1–3]

Christ for Youth International



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