Your Light.

22nd JANUARY 2022

Christ for Youth International

The church is the hope of the world. The church is an embodied tool that the LORD uses to reveal His manifold wisdom. The church is a product of disciples doing the diligent work of advancing the kingdom message in society. As we look at the foundation for glorious things in our lives, we will learn about the church as one of the integral components. Today, however, we will be dwelling on how the kingdom of God works through the church to impact communities.

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of light, understanding and spiritual awareness. Anytime the kingdom is introduced to a society that never knew it, the contrast between light and darkness becomes apparent. Glory to Jesus that darkness can never comprehend the light. God’s kingdom brings hope, revives souls, and opens deep wells of joy and fulfilment in our societies.

A lot of things constitute darkness in our societies. Pride, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, selfishness, identity crises, the list could go on and on, all these are elements of the darkness. Human effort, science and all the logic available to us can, at best, only help suppress the symptoms of these things. For our societies to be totally delivered, the light must shine. The light shines when we walk in good works (our selfless service in response to the love God has shown us.)

From the verses for today, Jesus says, “You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others…” Hopefully, you see this as we do. Jesus did not tell us to shine before others, although we are the light. The only reason why we are the light is that the kingdom is in us. So, when Jesus says, “let your light shine,” what do you think He means? He is obviously referring to the kingdom at work in you. Sadly, we have a lot of people who end up wanting to shine themselves, forgetting that they are to shine their light instead.

Remember, the light of the kingdom must shine, there is no way around it. You are the light because the kingdom is in you! Keep walking in good works, and you will see the glorious things the kingdom will produce through you.

Further Reading: Ephesians 5:8–14

Bible In One Year: Genesis [21–24]

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