The Big Shift: Reply to Lloyds

If you’ve sent a message to Lloyds or visited any of the Lloyds Banking Group branches (this includes Bank of Scotland) as part of our Big Shift campaign, you might have received a standard reply from them.

We welcome the bank’s engagement with its customers and with Christian Aid campaigners. We also welcome their stated commitment to tackling climate change.

However, there is still much more they need to do to protect our planet and our futures. If you are willing to reply to Lloyds, the following are some points you could make in your reply.

· You can say that you welcome Lloyds’ efforts to increase lending to renewable energy projects and infrastructure, such as the Race Bank wind farm off the Norfolk coast.

· But you can point that, to meet the commitments of the Paris Pledge (which Lloyds have signed) Lloyds must also phase our financing to fossil fuel companies and projects even more than investing in renewables.

· You can say that whilst it is good that Lloyds is considering the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board’s Climate Taskforce on climate-related transparency, Lloyds remains one of the few UK banks not to have published anything about its approach to financing of fossil fuel companies.

· It is vital that Lloyds publish clear policies about its approach to financing of fossil fuel companies, so that customers know how their money is being used.

Write to the CEO of Lloyds at:
FAO Mr Horta-Osorio
25 Gresham Street
London EC2V 7HN

or via email at: