How to replace your faith with Jesus’ faith

Faith is our response to what our Father has already given us in Christ.
Grace has provided all things(Ephesians 1:3).

Faith merely takes what Grace has already provided.
Many people struggle with faith because they have been
improperly taught.
They genuinely believe they have little faith and Jesus
has great faith separate from them.
This creates a struggle of never knowing if you have
enough faith for something.

Natural human faith is self conscious and is always
thinking about “Can I do this or can I do that”.
A Christian who knows who they are in Christ simply rests
and says “I can do all things because of Christ’s ability in me.”

The truth is that once you become a
child of God, you inherited everything that Jesus has.

We are joint-heirs and co-owners of everything that our Father has.
Every single atom in the universe belongs to you as much as it belongs to God.

Think of all the great feats that men have been able to do by natural human faith.
Now compare them to what Jesus and the apostles did…
the raising of the dead, the subduing of nations, the stopping
of the sun, the killing of giants, the prophet who run faster
than horses, the fish that brought gold etc

Once the sons of God know who they are and what they can
do in Christ, there will be manifestations that men cannot even imagine.

Have you wondered what makes faith work and how to get consistent results?

The answers are found in these scriptures.
Mark 11:22 “Have the faith of God.”
The right translation tells us that Jesus was telling us to use our Father’s faith.
He never told us to have faith in ourselves like the people of the world talk about today.
Faith in yourself is limited to what you know, what you’ve witnessed and what you can do by human might.

Using the faith of God means we are limitless.
There is nothing you cannot do.

Pick whatever price you want for your products and use Jesus’ faith.
His faith drew fish to Peter in broad daylight.
He can bring you any number of customers you want.

2. Galatians 2:20 “I live by the faith of the son of God”
In the original greek translation, Paul said the life and faith he was using was not His own.
He was using Jesus’ life and faith.

This removes all worry, cares and unnecessary responsibility from you.
When I lay hands on the sick, I’m not conscious of my own faith.
I know it’s Jesus’ healing power that is flowing from me into their bodies.

When I decree what my business’ profits will be, it’s based on the
fact that Jesus has already guaranteed me victory.
As far as our Father is concerned, life is a limitless check and all
we have to do is say what we want to see.

We don’t ask, “Is my faith strong enough.”.
We simply say “Jesus’ faith is stronger than all.
His faith is working in me and for me so I’ll eventually
see the manifestation of His love. ”

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