What’s the difference between the New and Old Testament/Covenant?

She said “Christianity is harrrrrd”

Words mean different things to different minds.

For example, when I say the word “love” do you get a mental image of an act of kindness, a red shape or sensual activity?

Here’s a more emphatic example.

Depending on how much of the Word you know, when you read the words “new testament” you may be thinking of books like Matthew, Ephesians or Philippians.

The right answer is this.

The two testaments/covenants are not simply books.

The old testament is a relationship with God based on a deserving performance and the blood of bulls and goats.
The new testament is a relationship with our Father based on Jesus’ righteousness and His blood that made us approved before God.

When you pick up or open your Bible app, if all you see is books, you’ll only know him as God. Those who don’t know this simple truth don’t know how to enjoy the full benefits of our relationship with Jesus.

Christianity is very harrrddd for them. They live like Moses’ younger brother when they are really Jesus’ siblings.

Welcome to our relationship with our loving merciful Father.

He is God to others but He’s Daddy to us.

p.s I’ll explain why you don’t have a covenant with God but Jesus does in a latter post.


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