Christian Deslauriers
Feb 6 · 3 min read
Christian DesLauriers tips on skiing.

The day has arrived. You are planning your first ski trip. The first thing that you probably realized is that skiing is much more complicated than just hurling yourself down a mountainside on skis. It involves a world of equipment, terminology, and planning before you can enjoy the alpine slopes. Don’t let that stop you though. Skiing can be extremely fun and satisfying. In this post, Christian Deslauriers provides you with the five things which you need to know before you start skiing.

1. Ski passes can be a good deal

The first shock for most first-time skiers is the price of the entire endeavor. With lodging, equipment rentals, and lift passes, along with all other incidentals, the costs really add up. Shopping around for a good deal can save you money. Many lodges and hotels offer combination deals that may bundle lift, pass, rental, or lodging costs. It is worthwhile to shop around. Further, great deals can be found online via travel sites. Shop with your fun in mind and save some money for the lodge after the slopes!

2. Proper clothing and equipment are key

The first time you go skiing, the amount of clothing and equipment that seems necessary can be truly overwhelming and costly. Christian Deslauriers suggests that you, as a first-time skier, consider rental equipment before committing to an extensive collection of gear. It’s key that you dress appropriately, both ensuring that you are warm enough and able to vent excess heat as you exercise on the slopes. Focus on dressing appropriately and acquire personalized equipment gradually as your hobby progresses. By renting equipment as you start skiing, you save hassle, money, and commitment.

3. Lessons are worth it

Lessons before you start skiing are an absolute must. Skiing when you don’t know what you are doing will be much less fun as well as potentially dangerous. You can guarantee yourself a better time and far fewer injuries by learning to ski before you hurl yourself down a mountainside ill-prepared. A good ski instructor will provide you with the right technique. They will start you on a slope appropriate for your skill level and correct errors in your technique before they become habit. Lessons may seem like an unnecessary expense, but they are an important step toward a satisfying ski holiday.

4. Eat well, drink right

Skiing is an athletic activity. As with any other athletic activity, proper hydration and eating well are essential for a solid performance. You will need calories to burn and water or sports beverages to slake your thirst. While the party may be an ongoing event at the lodge, avoid alcohol when you plan to ski, even over lunch. Skiing can be dangerous when you are a beginner, and you should avoid any activity that risks making skiing even more perilous. Save those good times for after you are done skiing.

5. Pace yourself and be safe

Christian Deslauriers says the best way to enjoy yourself when you start skiing is to pace yourself. They say pride goes before a fall, and at no other time is this truer than when skiing. Take lessons, start on the beginner slopes, and let your skill level outpace your confidence. By heeding an instructor’s guidance and enjoying trails that match your skills, you will have more fun and avoid injury.

You will fall down. It’s part of learning to ski. Ski with a friend to enjoy the safety of the buddy system, practice your technique, and most importantly, have fun!

Christian Deslauriers

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who owns or partners in five diverse businesses while spending his day as an attorney.

Christian Deslauriers

Written by

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire

Christian Deslauriers

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who owns or partners in five diverse businesses while spending his day as an attorney.

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