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Jan 17 · 3 min read

Work-life balance has become a buzzword in some circles but also a priority for younger generations in a way previously unseen in the workplace. Typically, most workers perceive their lives being out of balance and have no idea where to start. Today, Christian Deslauriers guides you on your quest to accomplish work-life balance.

What is Work-Life Balance

Christian Deslauriers defines work-life balance as working as hard for yourself as for your career. This means putting time and effort into your personal life that is on par with the time and effort which you put into your professional life. By ensuring the use of your energy and time is in balance, you achieve greater life satisfaction and find more joy in both work and leisure activities.

Self-care as an investment

We all wear many hats in life. You are a resource in the workplace, to your family, to your social circle, and also to yourself. When we are pulled in too many directions, we can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and utterly spent. You can only bring your best self to all roles by ensuring that your needs are met. This will be different for everyone, but one thing is universal: as much as your career provides resources to invest in your personal life, your personal life also provides the resources necessary for your career.

Avoiding burnout as a career strategy

When work-life balance is disrupted, it functions like a balance sheet where the overhead exceeds the revenue. Running a deficit will always have an impact, and it works both ways. If your priorities place too much focus on your personal life, your professional life will suffer, but if they place too much focus on your professional life, your personal life will suffer. Either situation creates friction for you. That stress drains the balance sheet and leads to burnout. By balancing the two, your life turns a profit, ensuring that work supports life and life supports work.

How to achieve Work-Life Balance

On average, we have approximately 16 waking hours per day. How we spend those hours is the key to work-life balance according to Christian Deslauriers. By following this advice, you can achieve work-life balance in a way that will increase your life satisfaction.

  • Eat mindfully. This means making time for a healthy breakfast, taking your lunch break, and enjoying your dinner. Eat healthily, plan your meals, and always invest in eating well.
  • Your commute does not have to be lost time. Ideally, we’d all have a short commute to and from work. However, that may not be possible. Make the time spent on your commute productive for you. Listen to an audiobook, a language learning program, or music that brings you joy. If you take public transit, consider reading a book, listening to headphones, or engaging in a hobby.
  • Have a hobby. This could be spending time on your children’s activities. It could be your investment in eating mindfully, crafting healthy, homemade food. It could be home improvement projects or something more obscure and unique to you. Whatever it is, it provides an outlet for creativity and a sense of accomplishment for yourself.
  • Rest and relax. This covers multiple key investments in self-sustenance. Get a good night’s rest and make that a priority. Take your vacation time; a good holiday reinvigorates you and can be just the thing to motivate you through stressful times. Consider mindful relaxation techniques; some meditate or do yoga while others engage in exercise or long walks. Making time to rest and relax recharges your batteries for all of your endeavors.

Christian Deslauriers

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who owns or partners in five diverse businesses while spending his day as an attorney.

Christian Deslauriers

Written by

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire

Christian Deslauriers

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who owns or partners in five diverse businesses while spending his day as an attorney.

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