Christian Deslauriers
Feb 19 · 3 min read
Christian Deslauriers input on starting a business

When starting a business, optimism is essential, but reality always prevails. Christian Deslauriers would like you to remember that starting a business is difficult. With the following guidance, you can ensure that you keep the important aspects of starting a business in mind.

The nuts and bolts of starting a business

Christian Deslauriers has witnessed many entrepreneurs succeed and many fail. The key difference between them were organization and realism. The first step is to assess yourself. Do you have the skills necessary for your business idea? While you might be a master chef, can you run a restaurant? Business involves accounting, managing, and many other skills. Beyond that, do you have the finances to sustain a starting business, or can you get financing to make it possible?

Once you have truly come to terms with these essential details, make your business plan. Does your business look successful on paper? Are the goals necessary for success achievable? If your business plan is solid, your business will be significantly more likely to succeed.

Structure your business

You have an idea, funding, and a plan. Next, you need to structure your business. First, you need a place to do business. For brick and mortar businesses, location is key. Consider foot traffic, parking, product delivery and shipping potential, and any other details that will affect your success. If you are planning an online business, you still need the space for that business to succeed. Whether you need operating facilities, the ability to warehouse inventory, or the space for staff, your business still needs the right space.

You also need to decide on the structure of your business and register it with the proper government agencies. Decide the business structure most appropriate for your business and be certain before taking action. Acquire the licenses, permits, and other documentation that you need before your first day of operation.

The right people for your business

While finding customers may seem like an obvious necessity for your business to succeed, finding the right people to work for you and for you to do business with can be just as essential. Seek out the talent that you need to succeed. Your employees can make or break your business. Take hiring seriously and avoid making decisions that are not focused on the success of the business as a top priority.

No matter your business type, you are going to need business-to-business relationships to succeed. Select the service providers, vendors, and other business professionals that you can trust. Do your research by seeking reviews and references before settling on another company to rely on for your business’s success.

Build on the foundation you have constructed

By following Christian Deslauriers advice to start your business correctly, you should be on your way. Make sales and learn from mistakes. You’ll need to build your brand and advertise to your market. This should allow you to grow your business, and that is essential. Keep in mind though that beyond turning a profit, you decide your metrics for success. Grow as fast as you are comfortable growing and as large as you are actually able to maintain.

Christian Deslauriers

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who owns or partners in five diverse businesses while spending his day as an attorney.

Christian Deslauriers

Written by

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire

Christian Deslauriers

Christian Deslauriers is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who owns or partners in five diverse businesses while spending his day as an attorney.

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